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Welcome to THE FLYING MYSTIC the pulsating heart of the psychedelic trance universe. Established with a profound passion for the psychedelic culture, we are a collective of dream-weavers dedicated to organizing transcendental psytrance events that captivate the senses and elevate the spirit.

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Impressions from Past Flights.

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About us

"In 2016, we merged "Flying Circus" and "Mystica" and founded the party label "The Flying Mystic". We have known each other for over twenty years and rave together in Switzerland and abroad."

Embarking on a mystic voyage across Switzerland and the realms beyond, our events are a tapestry woven with threads of powerful music, mesmerizing visuals, and a uniquely radiant community spirit. We cultivate spaces that serve as portals to dimensions where creativity flourishes, spirits soar, and connections deepen.

Join us, as we traverse the boundless skies of psychedelic exploration, creating experiences that echo with the timeless allure of rhythm, freedom, and love.




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